GOOD NEWS: Experts Believe COVID-19 Flattening The Curve Is Near This September 2020 In PH

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Manila, experts recently believe that the COVID-19 flattening the curve is near in the Philippines.

According to Guido David one of the research team of OCTA group in University of the Philippines, he stressed as time goes by the people infected by the deadly virus is slowing down which signifies a good news for the country.

Graph Illustration of COVID-19 flattening the curve

David “Actually we are seeing the flattening now”, he added “its now slowing, the number of cases per day, but he warned that if the people will let their guard down there will be a great possibility that the cases will go high again”.

The basis of the information is the latest COVID-19 results as of September 3, 2020 which record a case of 2,218 compared to previous day that listed from 3,000 to 4,000 patients.


Dr. Benjamin Co pediatric infectious disease chief of University of Santos Thomas also believes that the government becomes slightly successful on its campaign against the virus.

Co “we are approaching to flatten the curve, we need to be consistent as long as we can”.

According to some reports the effect of implementing MECQ in the area paid off, which slightly restricting the movement of the people.

Statistic shows that only 9.4% of 100 percent tested becomes positive to the virus, sound a goods news and the recovery rate also produces a good number.

Co also commended the governments effort on the field of contact tracing, enforcing wearing of face mask and physical distancing as well as maintaining the balance to maintain the flow of the economy to sustain the need of the people and the country as a whole.

UP OCTA expects 330,000 to 375,000 number of cases up to the end of September.

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