LIVE NOW: Wanted Sa Radyo September 3, 2020 (Thursday) Raffy Tulfo In Action

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LIVE NOW: Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action September 3, 2020 (Thursday) a public service program that airs from 2 pm to 4pm in the afternoon Monday To Friday.

The program tackles social issues in the society and showing its fangs to abusive government sectors and other personality who try to exploit human rights.

You can also watch Wanted Sa Radyo in this website, also live in Facebook through its social media account.

The show is hosted by Raffy Tulfo a credible newscast journalist doing public service for almost 20 years. His works is more focus on government and private sector issues. Together with Sharee Roman they serve the Filipino people best interest to seek justice.

The 60 year old news cast journalist in engage of several public service program namely Philippines’ Most WantedTask Force Siyasat and Problema Mo, Sagot ko.

He is also engaged in a no holds barred program together with his brother Ben and Raffy Tulfo entitled T3: Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo.

Among the three brothers Raffy becomes more popular on his public service works wherein he is not just giving solution to every problem but giving financial aid for those who in need when they come to seek help on his program.

Meanwhile due to COVID-19 pandemic the Aksyon Center had been partially limiting its capacity to cater social issues to avoid contacting with people infected with the virus and to avoid its spread.

The country now is on the crisis and still doing its best to fight the deadly disease and try to balance the economy to sustain its people.

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You can also watch the livestream below:

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