“StaySafe.ph” Contract Tracing App Software Officially Launched In Philippines

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StaySafe.ph a contact tracing application officially launched in the Philippines September 3, 2020 (Thursday).

The app is developed by Multisys Technologies Corp and available in any app stores in Android and Apple.

StaySafe.ph CEO David Almiron Explains how the virus tracing app works

How does the system work?

First the system asks your personal date like full name or code name and contact number to register.

Second after registering their will be a QR code issue and a health declaration record of every individual.

According to app developer David Almiron “the application will be a great to improve contact tracing capacity and to avoid hassle on repetitive fill up of personal health declaration forms in going to public places like malls and other establishments.

Almiron stressed out that this is the answer to the call of establishment’s owners to ensure the health information is complete.


As a normal practice people go inside the malls and other public places and required to fill up necessary information regarding their personal health condition plus temperature check up, but sometimes those data are not correct and incomplete.

The system also notifies a certain individual that there is a COVID-19 positive in his area.

Also if it happens that there is a COVID-19 he can in contact with, the app will reveal contacts and the time he becomes positive of the virus.

According to Almiron the data cannot be falsify information because all the information from the app especially the SWAB results is linked to any bimolecular laboratory all over the country.

Now the Interagency Task Force (IATF) is testing the application is it reliable to use and hopes to have positive result because this could be a great help to ease the COVID-19 infection.

Roque stressed that the government will keep an eye on the app especially its data gathering and to ensure the records will still remain in private in according to Data Privacy Act.

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