Former Ozamiz Councilor “Ardot Parojinog” Found Lifeless In Prison Is This Drug Related?

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Former Ozamiz councilor Ardot Parojinog found lifeless in prison this day September 4, 2020 (Friday).

According to PNP, around 6 am today Parojinog dies in his cell but the reason of death is yet to be revealed.

Former Councilor Ardot Parojinog

Ardot is linked to illegal drug trade and firearms dealing and flew away from out of the country and nabbed in Taiwan last 2018 after 10 months of hiding from the authorities in the Philippines. He even admits that after the drug raid he flew away from the country to hide from the crimes he done. The politician serves in public office for many years do his illegal trade secretly.

The former councilor is the younger brother of Ozamiz Mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog a narco politician that was killed on the previous drug operation spear headed by Police Colonel Juvy Espinido.

The Parojinog clan is considered to be the major drug dealer in Ozamiz for many year until in the time of President Duterte which promises an all out fight against illegal drugs.

Meanwhile after the death of the narco Mayor, the campaign on narcotics in the country still ongoing, PNP formulated a operation called “Oplan Tukhang” that hunts illegal drug, pushers and other drug personalities.

But sad to say many drug personalities at first surrendered to the police and promise to have a new life, but it is just a front and continue to do their illegal drug trade.

On the other hand the current administration is still doing its best to control illegal drugs but it is hard if the people will not cooperate.

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