WATCH: Vhong Navarros’ Walking Closet Shows Rare Shoes Collection In His House

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Vhong Navarro recently release a vlog which showcase his all shoes collection from the most expensive up to his favorite and customized sneakers.

The showtime host calls his collection as a “Walking Closet”, this is a fulfillment of of his promise to his fans to let them see his stuffs.

The actors decided to start his vlog via Youtube and so far its is considered a success because he is supported by his fans and loved him so much, the vlog emcompases Vhongs’ daily routine like going to the set of Showtime and makes a vlog behind the scenes with his co-host, he also make a video online regarding his struggles from the past lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.

As you can see in the 15 minutes video, Navarro separates his most favorite, rare and customized shoes. One of the rares are Kyrie Irving Sponge Bob And Patrick Star basketball shoes.

The comedian also let his fans see his customized Disney, Nintendo, Batman handmade design sneakers.

He really requested to his architect to design a house that can maximize his space to cater all his shoes collection.

Navarro is known for his previous projects and considered to be iconic like Mr. Suave, Agent X44, Mang Kepweng and Lastikman.

Vhong Navarro’s Waking Closet

As of now the actor continue to work in its Showtime as a host together with Vice Ganda, Jhong Hilario, Anne Curtis, Jhugs And Teddy, Amy Perez, Karylle Marquez and the rest of the gang.

The show can be seen onlive via livestreaming on Youtube due to the fact that ABS-CBN cannot air no more because of its expired franchise.

Despite of the network closure still Showtime gives us the best of what they got serving us hilarious banters that could lift our daily stress away.

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