WATCH: Youtuber Lloyd Cafe Cadena Last Vlog Before He Died

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Many is shocked lately when they heard about the news of Lloyd Cafe Cadena a famous Youtuber Vlogger died at the age of 26 due to cardiac arrest.

Cadena is an icon in vlogging wherein he posses a funny personality that why many netizens want to watch his vlog always.

In his Youtube account he almost have 3 million subscribers and every video he uploaded garners a million views each.

The 26 year old vlogger is being describe by his close friends as a hardworking person, kind, funny and a good son.

As a matter of fact Cadena loaned a house intended for his mother who is retiring.

Lloyd quoted “mag reretire napo and mama ko sa work, at gusto ko syang makatikim na mayroon na kaming sariling bahay”.

(My mother will be retiring at work and I want her to taste of having a house of our own”.

The social media personality is also known to be helpful wherein he helps poor students by giving away tablets to be use for online classes, he also becomes well known in various meme use is different situations in social media.

Cadena lastly makes noise when he posted a photo of his house wherein the stairs is not built well by his hired contractor, in his vlog he express his reaction that he is not please on the outcome of the ladder and wants to talks to the contractor to repair it right away.

Meanwhile many Filipino famous vloggers expressed their deep condolences to the bereaved family of Cadena and pray that he may rest in peace.

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WATCH Lloyd Cadena Last Vlog:

Lloyd Cadena Last Vlog

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