WATCH: Vlogger “Doc Adam” Pin Points “Slimming Coffee” Reason Of Lloyd Cafe Cadenas’ Death

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Vlogger doctor a.k.a. “Doc Adam” furtherly explain the real cause of the famous Youtuber Lloyd Cafe Cadena.

According to Doc Adam another possible angle of the Cadenas’ death is due to his regular consumption of slimming coffee.

Doc Adam explains another cause of Lloyd Cafe Cadena Death

Studies shows that they are some components and chemical included in slim coffee that can affect your heart so that is why you must consult you medical physician first to be guided.

Doc Adam explained that this types of coffee is not advisable to use because it can directly affect your heart.

Few days ago the social media community was shocked about the death of the famous social media personality and the cause of death is cardiac arrest.


WATCH: Youtuber Lloyd Cafe Cadena Final Vlog Before He Died


The vlogger doctor also differentiate cardiac arrest and heart attack, they sound correlated but that two is different from each other cardiac arrest is the state when your heart stops to function but heart attack is a medical term when the one of the blood vessel of the heart ruptures due to blockage or blood clot due to harmful cholesterol.

Doc Adam stressed that everyone must learn how to CPR in order to save people that suffers from a cardiac arrest.

News report released that prior to Lloyd death he test positive for COVID-19 after experiencing high fever and dry cough this information comes from the Cadenas family.

But the doctor does is doubtful about this because COVID-19 is lethal to those person considered as immuno compromised and to senior citizens.

Lastly Doc Adam remind the people to stay health and maintain a active lifestyle in order to survive the pandemic, a healthy body is considered a treasure to cherish he added.


Doc Adam Explains Another Cause of Lloyd Cadena Death

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