Doc Willie Ong: Cheap Steroids “Hydcortisone & Dexamethasone” Save Patients From Severe COVID-19

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Vlogger and medical practitioner Doc. Willie Ong recently release a video that gives up hope to survive severe COVID-19.

Doc Willie stated cheap steroids like Dexamethasone and Hydrocortisone can help alleviate the chances of patients that is experiencing severe COVID-19 complications like heavy breathing, diarrhea, dry cough and severe high fever.

Meaning patients that need breathing supports like ventilators can survive using this cheap steroids drug, the good news is this medicines is cheap and affordable and it is proven effective.

But take note this drugs can be used only to severe COVID-19 patients and not applicable to victims with mild symptoms always ask the assistance of medical professional before using this drugs, because this could harm your body as well.

The doctor also added compared to remdesivir this is more effective and efficient for the reason that it lowers the mortality rate almost 1/3, according to statistics you can see in the video out of 128 patients 79 survives this study is based on clinical trials.

Added by hi flow oxygen apparatus this can give a higher chance of survival.

Remdesivir is expensive drug but its effectiveness can only reduced the stay of the patient in the hospital for example the usual confinement will be 14 days using “Remdesivir” it lowers to 11 days, but this drug cost a lot per vial.

Meanwhile Doc Willie added that if you are being contacted with this disease stop stressing yourself, improve your immune system, exercise regularly because there is a proven cure that can help you survive this.

(Update) President Duterte recently declared that the curve has been flatten but he reminded that people must not be confident about this, he advise to wear face mask and shield, maintain physical distancing and the most important of all is to keep your body healthy to fight against this deadly virus.

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