Filipino Broadcast Journalist ”Ces Drilon” Shares Her Latest Endeavor During Quarantine

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Ces Oreña Drilon considered as one of the veteran journalist and News Channel Executive Editors of media giant ABS-CBN

Having at the highest pick of her professional career in broadcasting industry she never imagined that in a blink of an eye she will lost everything

As ABS-CBN announced a retrenchment after being denied by the congres its franchise renewal

It was a hearth breaking news for Caren and other thousand employees who belong to the retrenchment made by ABS-CBN

Ces Drilon Photo at Vagabond Farm

Though she lost the job that she considered her second home for almost 3 decades instead to be depressed for what have lost she manages to fill up that hole by engaging to a new endeavor

Right now Ces engages into business, online show and organic farming which her latest endeavor this quarantine period

In those 3 endeavors she invested more time and effort on her organic farm at batangas which its primary produce products are scented alcohol and malunggay pesto

As you can see in her photo at Vagabond farm she is so happy doing her latest endeavor and profession

She started her farming life way back 2015 after retiring as field reporter from ABS-CBN

Ces adresses her farm as Vagabond farm wherein most of its planted products are malunggay

She also added that she is willing and open for an idea in selling plants from her farm since “plantita” and “plantito” are very popular during this lockdown

As of now she is working as online host in Kumu a popular live streaming app in the Philippines where in she talks to guest and to Filipino online community in different parts of the country

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