LIVE STREAMING: Wanted Sa Radyo, Raffy Tulfo In Action September 8, 2020 (Tuesday)

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Watch here via live stream Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action September 8, 2020 (Tuesday) airing from 2 pm to 4 pm in the afternoon Monday To Friday.

The program tackles about local issues, shocking revelations on dishonesty, family disputes, cheating of husband and wife, as well as showing its fangs towards abusive sectors of the government.

Second Segment called as “Solian Ng Bayan” gives recognition to honest individuals who returns what they found like valuable things, money and ect. The show gives cash gifts and plaque of appreciation for what they have done.

Their is also a segment that welcomes visitor and going to meet and great their Idol Raffy and send his best regards for what he has done by being so kind and helping many people in need.

What is the flow of the public service program:

Idol Raffy calls the both parties and hear their both sides and also do some interrogation to clarify things sot that it will becomes balance.

After hearing the both sides Raffy will express his opinion and suggest preliminary solution to the problem, he advised it to settle the things through a diplomatic talk it depends on the weight of the issue.

If the problem becomes heated, the host of the show sometimes calls and seek advise from the police or a legal professional and ask what are the probable case that this man or woman likely to face due to what he has done.

The show is hosted by Idol Raffy Tulfo and Sharee Roman, the program is been airing via live stream on Youtube and can be heard on your local radio sets.

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Wanted Sa Radyo September 8, 2020 (Tuesday)

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