Lloyd Cadena’s Father Become Emotional In His Video After Remembering Lloyd Sudden Death

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The death of popular Filipino vlogger Lloyd Cafe Cadena became the center of talks and headlines in social media accounts

All netizens, supporters, followers,friends and his family never expected the sudden death of Lloyd and he left everything speechless

He died at the age of 26 on September 4,2020 from cardiac arrest

In his social media account all netizens, followers,supporters, friends and relatives send their deepest sympathy and condolences to the family that he left

We may not seen him face to face anymore but his good works, kindness and sense of humor in his vlog and in real life will always remain and forever be cherished and remembered

Photo of Lloyd Cadena and his father

In the end the party who suffers a huge lost is his family who was with him in good and in bad situation, in happiness and in pain, in ups and downs of his career and his first ever supporter and follower

His death brought pain and sorrow specially to his father Jun who become emotional in his vlog

He said to his vlog ”when i was on duty, my daughter called me around 9 in the mornig, she told me, papa wala na c Lloyd! napakasakit. Ang hirap tanggapin para sa isang ama na mawalan ng anak. Hindi man lang kami nagkita. Sobrang hirap. Anak patawad di na kita nakita

”Napakasakit, ayaw kong tanggapin. Mabait na anak. Hindi man lang kami nagkita muli. Anak,patawad hindi na kita nakita muli. Ang hirap tanggapin ng isang ama na mawalan ng anak. Super hirap ang dinanas ko saking anak. Oh lord, Allah, give me more strength the words of Jun Khalid Cadena father of Lloyd

Watch below the full video of Jun Khalid Cadena, father of Lloyd Cadena

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