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As President Rodrigo Duterte formerly announced in his conference in malacaƱang on Monday September 7 that he shall granted absolute pardon the US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton who charged with homecide for killing a Filipina transgender woman Jennifer Laude in Subic back in 2014

President Duterte said in his conference ”it’s my decision to pardon,correct me if I wrong but ito ang tingin ko sa kaso, you did not treated Pemberton fairly so e release ko. ”Pardon” walang maka question yan and cannot question anyway. Kaligaya ko nalang magpakulong ng mga buang. But if there is a time that you are called upon to be fair, be fair

Photo Courtesy of GMA News Network

The decision of President Duterto to give Pemberton a pardon proves that his government favor those who are in power Vice President Robredo said

She added that this case is just another proof of government’s favor for those who are powerful. What we see that those who are poor are punished, those who are wealthy and in power are free

Thousand are still in jail because they can’t afford a lawyer. Pemberton had lawyers, special detention facilities, a quick public trial and an appeal. Now it has become clearer that he also has resources to ensure that his case will get the attention of the president himself

Meanwhile Philippine Law Maker Geraldine Roman first Filino Transgender Law Maker says “as a human being with trans experience, I cannot help but feel hurt with what was happening in the case of my trans sister Jennifer Laude against Joseph Scott Pemberton

Watch full video below about Vice President Leni Robredo Statement

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