2020 NBA PLAY OFFS: Eastern And Western Conference Semi-finals September 10, 2020 (Thursday)

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NBA Play Offs 2020 featuring Eastern and Western Conference Semifinals covered a huge topics in all social media accounts and the center of headlines of all news in the field of sports

All people making their own predictions who will be the next NBA Champion, is it Los Angeles Lakers wherein Lebron James played which have the most highest support in the NBA community and the most favorite NBA player or is it the LA Clippers wherein Kawhi Leonard played which leaded the Toronto Raptors to took the champion way back 2019 against the defending champion Golden State Warriors or is it the Miami Heat. No one Knows until the perfect time comes

Let us begin in the Eastern conference semifinal the Miami Heat Team secured its fourth victory in game 5 on Tuesday September 8 against the tough contender team Milwaukee Bucks with a score difference of 9 points. The Bucks scored 93 points in the last quarter of the game but the Heat dominated the game and scored 103 points in the last quarter. Heat leaded the postseasoned game 4 to 1 win

In game 5 the Bucks gives all their best offense and defense play to destroy the game play of heat and beat them hoping to make a comeback in game 6 but the Heat give them too much pressure and resulted to their over all lose and eliminated in the 2020 NBA Play Offs

Milwaukee Bucks (1) Vs Miami Heat (4)
  • Game 1: Bucks 104, Heat 115
  • Game 2: Bucks 114, Heat 116
  • Game 3: Bucks 110, Heat 115
  • Game 4: Bucks 118, Heat 115
  • Game 5: Bucks 94, Heat 103

Now the Miami Heat is waiting for whose team will be their next opponent is it the Boston Celtics or the Toronto Raptors. The Celtics standings has 3 wins over Raptors with 2 wins. In game 1, 2 and 5 the Celtics team dominated the Raptors team and won the game but the Raptors made a comeback in game 2 and 4 and secured its second victory

September 10 Thursday game 6 between Toronto Raptors versus Boston Celtics. This is the most awaited moments for all basketball fans and for the Miami Heat team. Thus the Celtics Team have the power to dominate this game 6 and secure a 4 win victory? and advance for the next game to play against Miami Heat or the Raptors will make an unpredictable comeback in this game and tie the game to 3 to 3 wins and have the opportunity to proceed in game 7 and secure the victory over Celtics to 4 to 3 wins and be the next opponents of Miami Heat

Boston Celtics (3) vs Toronto Raptors (2)
  • Game 1: Celtics 112, Raptors 94
  • Game 2: Celtics 102, Raptors 99
  • Game 3: Celtics 103, Raptors 104
  • Game 4: Celtics 93, Raptors 100
  • Game 5: Celtics 111, Raptors 89

This is the most interesting game. Lets find out on Thursday Sept 10 who will win the game between Celtics and Raptors

Meanwhile in West Conference Semifinals the Los Angeles Lakers secured its second win in game 3 September 9 Wednesday Against Houston Rockets with a score difference of 10 points in the last quarter of the game.The Lakers team scores 112 points in the fourth quarter of the game the Raptors on the hand socres 102 points in the last quarter. In the whole quarter of the game Lebron James took a highest score with 36 points and made him the best scorer in NBA postseason game 3 while on the losser team James Jarden scored 33 points for the whole quarter game

The Lakers dominated the game in game 2 and 3 and secured victory over Rockects with a lead of two wins while the Rockets secured 1 win in game 1 only

Los Angeles Lakers (2) vs Houston Rockets (1)
  • Game 1: Lakers 97, Rockets 112
  • Game 2: Lakers 117, Rockets 109
  • Game 3: Lakers 112, Rockets 102

While in Denver Nuggets versus LA Clippers the Clippers team secured its second victory over Nuggets in game 3 with 16 points difference with a score of 113 points for the Clippers and 107 points for the Nuggets. The win standings between Clippers and Nuggets is 2 to 1, 2 wins for the Clippers by winning game 1 and game 3 while 1 win for the Nuggets by winning game 1

Denver Nuggets (1) vs LA Clippers (2)
  • Game 1: Nuggets 97, Clippers 120
  • Game 2: Nuggets 110, Clippers 101
  • Game 3: Nuggets 107, Clippers 113

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