Game 4: Los Angeles Lakers Secured 3rd Straight Win Victory Over Houston Rockets

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September 11 Friday full coverage of NBA Play Offs 2020 Western Conference Semifinals Los Angeles Lakers versus Houston Rockets game 4. This morning the social media community announce the Los Angeles Lakers as the winner team in the postseason game 4 highlight play.

The Lakers secured its 3rd win straight victory against the Rockets after their defeat in game 1 with 15 points difference. In game 1 the Lakers score 79 points and 112 points for the Rockets. The latest win standings between this two teams is 3 to 1.  3 wins for the Lakers and 1 win for the Rockets

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Game 1 was a tough game for the Lakers as Rockets dominated the whole play of the game and secured its 1st ever win victory.

As Rockets put so much pressure on the game play of the Lakers and prevent their chances of scoring resulting for their loss in game 1. But the Lakers did not intimidated from their 1st win victory instead the Lakers prepare a back up tactics to surpass and outsmart the offensive and defensive play of the Rockets. All are planned for the Lakers as it came to reality in game 2 and 3 after the devastated defeat of Houston Rockets.

In game 2 the Lakers scores 117 points while the rockets scores 109 points with a score difference of 8 points. And in game 3 the lakers scores 112 points and the Rockets score 102 Points with a score difference of 10 points. All favor for the Los Angeles Lakers

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Game 4 was the awaited moment for all NBA fans and for the Rockets team to make a comeback from their 2 consecutive defeat in game 2 and game 3 against the Lakers. Hoping that they can tie the game to 2-2 wins. But the Lakers did not give them a single opportunity of chance to win the game. As the Lakers destroy every offensive and defensive play of the Rockets giving small oppotunity for their basket

In the beginning quarter of the game both teams play in a tough situation as each team tighten their offensive and defensive play not letting any player to score but the Lakers find a way to break the game play of Rockets giving the Rockets pressure in their offensive play creating no space to land a counted shot. The Lakers dominated the first quarter with a leading score of 24 points over Raptors with only 17 points.

The Rockets give all their best to catch up the leading point difference in score in the 2nd quarter of the game against the Lakers but as the clock moves the score of Lakers also increasing giving no room for the Rockets to close the gap. The Lakers lead the score in the 2nd quarter of the game with 57 points and Rockets with 37 points

The Lakers dominate the game until 3rd and 4th quarter of the game. Giving no chance for the Rockets to comeback in the 4th quarter of the game. Until the last second of 4th quarter game the Raptors keep on fighting hoping to tie the gap in score against the Lakers. At the end of the 4th quarter the Lakers lead the score of 10 points difference against Rockets. 110 points for the Lakers and 100 points for the Rockets

In the end of Game 4 match the Los Angeles Lakers secured its 3rd win straight victory against Houston Rockets. Lead win Standings 3-1.

In the entire quarter of the game Anthony Davis score 29 points and 12 rebounds while Lebron James score 16 points, 15 rebounds and nine assist

Watch below the full video of Los Angeles Lakers vs Toronto Raptors Game 4

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