PALACE: President Rodrigo Duterte Signed “Bayanihan Act 2” Allocating Budget Up To 162 Billion

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President Rodrigo Duterte singed on friday the Bayanihan to heal as one act known as Bayanihan act that covered 162 Billion pesos budget to give assistace in different sectors of the government to combat the covid 19 pandemic

President Duterte Singed The Bayanihan Act 2 Buget 162 Billion

The Bayanihan to heal as one act officially designated as Republic act No. 11469, is a law in the Philippines that was enacted in March 2020 granting the president additional authority to combat the covid 19 pandemic in the Philippines

An act declaring the existence of a National Emergency arising from the corona virus disease 2019 (Covid 19) situation and a National Policy in connection therewith, and authorizing the President of the Republic of the Philippines for a limited period and subject to restrictions, to exercise power necessary and proper to carry out the declared National Policy and for other purposes

According to the PTV news “162 Billion ang napagkasunduan na pundo sa panokalang Bayanihan 2 o ang Bayanihan To Recover As One sa isinigawang bi-cammeral conference committee ng senado at camara”

From the very beginning the Senate approves only 140 Billion Funds but the House of Representatives agreed to raise the Fund to 162 Billion

The PHP10 Billion will be allocated to procurement of PCR Testing and extraction kit, supplies materials and reagents

PHP 15 Billion will be allocated to implementation of cash for work program and the Tupad

17 Billion for the unemployment or involuntary separation assistance for displaced workers or employees

According to Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon there was already a prepared fund for Social Amelioration Program (SAP). The government will give 5 to 8 thousand cash subsidy for the low income and most vulnerable sectors. And they will give 15,000 pesos for health care workers who have mild cases of covid 19 and 100,000 pesos for those who have severe cases of covid 19 and 1 Million pesos for those who died in covid 19

Watch below the full video about 162 Billion Budget for Bayanihan act 2

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