Raffy Tulfo In Action: Update Viral Video Of A PWD Harassed By A Tricycle Driver And Found Out The PWD Dark Secrets

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In the latest update of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action the program tackles a viral video showing a PWD tricycle driver harassed by a certain man given attention and justice by the program.

According to Sharee Roman the head researcher of the case she revealed that upon investigation she found out some incident that really makes her angry.

The show found out that the PWD is really a pain in the neck of the society.

Many concerns netizens revealed that the PWD is using solvent, a drunkcard and involved in a illegal gambling activities.

This is really not a good news for the PWD and even Idol Raffy Tulfo was shocked about what he has heard, but it is not the end of the bad report involving the PWD and he nearly regrets his help given to alias Sonny.

For fairness reporting Raffy ask the side of Sonny but he founds some statements that is no relevant and irrational.

Tulfo “Sir huwag ka nang mag palusot”.

This is mearly a reason that all PWD deserves pity but sometimes many people uses their handicap to abuse other peoples kindness.

Idol Raffy advised the PWD “huwag samantalahin ang kapansanan upang mangharas at ma namantala sa mga tao”

Wanted sa Radyo is a program giving solution to the program especially viral videos, social issues and government abuses.

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