Raffy Tulfo In Action: #Kababalaghan Sa Action Center, #Spooky Statement, Idol Raffy And Sharee Reacts

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In the latest video uploaded in Raffy Tulfo In Action official many netizens is shocked and even makes them tremble while watching the video because there a statement comes from out of nowhere heard in the video.

The video we are taking about is “Tim Sawyer May Anak Sa Ibang Babae”, according to Miss Sharee Roman the co-host of Idol Raffy as you continue watching the video and in around 20 min mark you will hear “Laban Nak Mo Yan”.

Idol Raffy And Sharee Roman Discussed The Mysterious Statement

Sharee “Parang Nakatindig Balahibo Idol”, because this is not just the first time happen as it recalls the first spooky statement was “Give And Take”.

It will sound fair if this is just the first time because we can consider this as a simple interference, but it happens on the second time.

Netizens calls the attention of Idol Raffy to clarify if this is a phenomena that even science could not explain.

But Idol Raffy clarify “Lets Seek The Help Of Science About This”, he tells his avid viewers and listeners to stay calm because he will seek the help of professionals on this matter namely experts in audio engineering and many more to patch things up.

Some possible steps will be radio frequency analysis, sound and loudness level, but this are some events that is beyong the scope of science.

Even Idol Raffy seeks the helps of some paranormal experts to give this diagnosis with regards to this mysterious statement appeared on the video.

Seems like an early Halloween event for the avid fans of the King Of Public Service.

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Kababalaghan Sa Action Center

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