Viral Now: A Korean Boy Tears Off, Spits And Stomps The “Philippine Flag”Laughed Online By Netizens

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Viral now in social media is the drawing of the Philippine Flag by a certain Korean.

The Korean draws that on purpose to stomp, spit and tear the flag as a symbol of his rage and insulting Filipino people.

A Korean Boy Drawing The Flag Laughed At Online

Trivia: The National Flag represent the country and its people of the nation.

Meanwhile despite of the Koreans effort to insult the Filipino, some pinoy netizens instead of being fired with anger they laughed that the Korean for drawing the wrong flag.

Their is the #Hindi namin flag yan dahil walang stars. (Its not our (Filipinos) because it has no 3 stars).

A photo was also uploaded revealing a two feet stomping the Flag, and pinoy bashed him #dalawa pala mukha mo pre, (Bro you have to face), #Mukhang Paa and idiomatic phrase which means your face is like a ugly feet.

Dalawa Pala Mukha Mo (Mukhang Paa)

As a recap how does this two races rift started, it begins when a half Filipino half Japanese vlogger posted a video and netizens spotted her tattoo of Japanese Flag and a heart included.

This makes fires comments on the social media because racist issue between both sides.

As far as history is concerned both nations has a close ties with each other its like brothers and sisters.

It is remembered that during Korean War, the Filipino armies plays a major role to defend South Korea on the attempt of North Korean invasion, the Philippine Army victory plays a primary function to delay the Norths’ goal to control the South.

As well as South Korea plays a major role in helping the Philippines when it comes to economic ties.

As a reminder in behalf of this website let us spread the love and kill this racist comments, this will only add fuel to the fire.

On the positive side:

A Filipino vlogger posted a video that he prints the flag of South Korea but he does not do what this Korean Boy did, even though its hilarious but he ends by spreading the love which is good in the end.

Watch the video down below:

#Cancel Korea, Stop Racism, Spread The Love

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