COVID-19 Reaches 261,000 In The Philippines As Of September 13, 2020 (Sunday)

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COVID-19 reaches almost 261,000 cases as of September 13, 2020 according to information given by the Department Of Health.

As of recorded by the Department of Health there are 3,372 and 49,277 considered as active cases.

DOH recorded a 20,472 recoveries, the department recently lunches a campaign called “Oplan Recovery” aiming to COVID-19 curve flattening by excessive effort to modify their machine and equipment, extensive attempt to enhance contact tracing and many more.

4,371 listed death after 79 additional person succumbs to the virus.

NCR still tops the list of the virus hot spot seconded by Cavite, Laguna and Negros Occidental consecutively.

Meanwhile with regards to he effort of the government to flatten the curve this September it seems that they are partially get what they want because of low number of cases recorded.

Update, Philippines stills tops the most number of COVID-19 patients in South East Asia followed by Indonesia.

Despite of the government full force push to lessen the aftermath of the virus, still it does not deny the fact that they must face the dilemma to balance the economic and health status of the country.

Furthermore the people of the republic must do their part to lessen the infected by maintaining 1 meter social distancing, wearing face mask in public places and the most important is to sanitize your hands always.

By these steps this will shorten the spread of the virus and also serve as a protection for your family and friends.

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