Heaven Peralejo Lambasted Lolit Solis On Issue Asking 100k Php To Jimuel Pacquiao Family

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Actress Heaven Peralejo recently clarifies issue of asking 100k Php to Jimuel Pacquiaos’ family.

The issue arises when Lolit Solid posted on her Instagram account that the actress allegedly asked to Manny Pacquiao.

Lolit Solis (Left) Jimuel Pacquiao (Center) Heaven Peralejo (Right)

Peralejo posted on her Instagram saying from the past few weeks there is a change of public view on her because of Lolit Solis post, it really hurts her and she takes time to think about the issue.

The 20 year old actress stressed out that she did not event think to ask help from the family of her ex boyfriend and grateful that she had an opportunity to have a blessed life and a honest living. She added whatever she posses now is the product of her hardwork and perseverance.

Heaven “I will go straight to the point, I did not even think to ask help from my ex boyfriend, what I have now is the product of my hard work and perseverance”.

She also gives gratitude to Jimuel for helping her clearing her name and also to her friends and family on giving her moral support to stay strong and to be positive about the issue.

Jimuel Pacquiao clarified that his former girl did not received any financial aid from his family and falsified Lolit Solis writings. He added “she is not that type of girl, we are in good terms and there is no need for useless bashings”

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