Joseph Scott Pemberton Expresses Gratitude To President Duterte For His Pardon And Give His Deepest Sympathy To Family Laude

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Convicted Killer US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton was now deported September 13,2020 Sunday, boarded via military aircraft 9:45 in the morning from Ninoy Aquino Internal Airport

Convicted Killer US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton Was Now Deported Back To U.S Embassy September 13 Sunday

Before his departure, Pemberton expresses his deepest gratitude towards President Duterte for granting him an Absolute Pardon

He also expresses his sincere symphaty to the family of Jennife Laude

He wishes he has the words to express the depth of his sorry and regret. This word was Pemberton message which was issued only by his lawyer Rowena Garcia Flores

After 6 years of detention at Camp Aguinaldo because of murder case by killing a Filipina transgender woman Jennifer Laude back October 11,2014 at Olongapo City. Pemberton was now released from prison and be deported back to US Embassy

He was escorted by the Philippine Immigration Officers and American personnels going to Ninoy Aquino Internal Airport where he boarded through military air craft. Ahead of his flight, he was subjected to a corona virus test which turned negative according to Immigration Spokes woman Sandoval

Pemberton Absolute Pardon was granted and singed by President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday September 7

In the interview of ANC News on Pemberton’s lawyer Rowena Garcia Flores she said ” I am happy because at first I did not know what kind of pardon it was going to be, if it was absolute pardon or commutation of sentence, because the difference is that commutation of sentenced says a prisoner no longer has to serve additional time but absolute pardon bring back his civil and political rights

According to Harry Roque Presidential Spokeman “Even I served as as a lawyer for the family Laude, if this means for more Filipinos will have access to american vaccine, then I don’t have any problem”

The early released of Pemberton in prison which he served only 6 years instead of 10 years sentence in prison

And his issued deportation which was granted due to absolute pardon given by President Duterte on September 7 Monday brings more condemnation and hateful comments on President Duterte’s decisions

Julita Laude said, Jennifer’s mother, she felt betrayed by Duterte. She said the President had promised the family Laude that Pemberton would not be freed during his term

Julita added “It’s a short time to pay in jail for the life of my daughter”

Laude supporters and protesters gathered to condemn the pardon made by President Duterte. They shouted Justice for Jennifer and pardon for Pemberton, a betrayal for the nation

Duterte’s critics see the pardon as bending to U.S interest, even as the president harshly criticized the united states and its leaders

Fonto said Duterte’s anti amirican rhetoric was “all for show” and “a ruse”

Watch full video below about Pemberton departure

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