Tiktok Rejects Microsoft Acquisition Offer Know More Details Here

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American tech giant fails its attempts to buy the Tiktok dance video app.

According to reports the US tech tycoon wants to procure the Chinese own application to save its US operations and also to remove the threat of national security.

Microsoft attempts to buy Tiktok

It is remembered that the American government China for invading national privacy for potentially hacking is classified secrets and one this is pin pointed to Tiktok.

Microsoft recently a statement saying “Bytedance will not accept there acquisition offer to save the Tiktok app US operations”.

The tech giant added that they are confident to the proposal which they find it beneficial on both sides.

“We are confident our proposal would have been good for TikTok’s users, while protecting national security interests,”.

This means the this will portray a good effect on both sides the company and the Tiktok user.

Meanwhile the question is why does Microsoft wants to buy Tiktok, is there any valid reason towards this?

Recap: Tiktok started in 2012 founded by Zhang Yiming. How can you use the app?

Just upload a music clip the duration depends on your discretion. After uploading you can include lip syncing, funny memes and even make a dance choreography of your own.

One famous now is the Tiktok dance featuring Jason Derulo “Savage Love”.

Furthermore Microsoft is one of Americas’ best, it is founded by Bill Gates and its Microsoft office program is globally used nowadays, it is really impossible not to used this MS office app in your working area.

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