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In her instagram account Filipina Celebrity Coleen Garcia share to netizens how much grateful and proud she was for having Billy Crawford as her husband. She quoted that in her most vulnerable moment Billy was always with her side showing that she is a strong woman, and felt blessed for billy’s an ending patience and for giving her words of encouragement during her toughest moment

Coleen Garcia undergoes water birth, welcomes baby boy with husband Billy  Crawford - Where In Bacolod <meta content='Where In Bacolod: Coleen Garcia  undergoes water birth, welcomes baby boy with husband Billy Crawford '

“She said on her instagram account “I’m at my most vulnerable times, you always remind me that what you see is my strength and not my weakness”

I can’t tell you how much i appreciate you, love. I always have, but you’ve been on another level, taking care of both me and Amari the way you do, i am so blessed that’s it’s you i get to do this with, you both make this all more than worth it. Thank you for the never ending patience, all the words of encouragement and for being so positive through all of this, thank you for always speaking life into me,I’d be so lost without you

Coleen also wrote in her instagram, telling her hardest moments encountered during her first labor “I knew postpartum was not gonna be easy and I knew breastfeeding was gonna be challenging, but wow, i never anticipated how hard it would be to go through both at the same time. I wish I could be stronger asap and move around better. It’s been a tough few days, but also so so incredibly rewarding

She also added that she was very grateful for all the people that gave them support during their hardest time

Saying “Thank you for everyone whose been messaging us and sending gifts we are so grateful. I’m sorry i haven’t be able to get back to anyone yet, but few days, I’ll be stronger and have more time to be back on my phone for sure, for now, just taking all this time to recover and tend to our little blessings

Coleen gave birth on Thurday September 10 and naming their cute baby boy “Amari”

Watch full video below of Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford with their first born baby ”Amari”

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