WATCH: Andi Eigenmann Shared Tips Of Making Toys Out Of Recycled Materials

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Actress and vlogger Andi Eigenmann shared tips of making toys out of recycled materials.

In her latest vlog Andi showed how to make kitchen toy set as an encouragement from the actress to use eco friendly materials and also considered low cost to avoid spending more money amid crisis.

The actress quoted this toys is considered much cheaper added by making it will be more challenging as well as entertaining.

“It’s a much cheaper way to come up with toys to entertain your kids, especially in this time. And the process of doing it, of creating it, is also fun in itself,” she said.

Eigenmann added the good thing is it is free no need to spend money.

She used cartoons to make refrigerator and plastics to complete the toys set.

The 30 year old actress express her happiness in a simple life and happily married with her current husband Philmar Alipayo a surfer in Siargao.

Meanwhile many netizens was astonish on the actress decision to leave the limelight to engage a simple life.

In some of her vlogs the actress prepared a fish using only simple apparatus and the water used is from the sea. Many were entertained and received a million views on Youtube.

She also expressed her open letter to her husband Philmar expressing her deepest love and sincere gratitude for introducing her the other side of life, simple, elegant but happy.

It is remembered that the actress engage in a relationship with Albee Casino and they had a daughter, together but their relationship failed until she meet her curret husband.

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