WATCH: Hashim Alawi Heartwarming Reaction On Ivana Alawi Surprise Gift To Him

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Famous vlogger Ivana Alawi gives a gift that her brother will cherish and remember.

In the video Ivana noted that she prepared this surprise for her brother Hash for many months and now the time has finally come.

According to the vlogger/actress “Si brother ayaw ng mga rolex at mamahaling bags, ayaw nya ng mga ganon kasi simpleng tao lang sya”.

(My brother does not want any expensive watch and bags because he is just a simple man)

Ivana added that she decided to give her brother a parcel of land that can be used in the near future like building a house for his family and children someday.

But the twist is her brother does not know her surprise plan.

The actress added that she had already the necessary preparations like informing her mother and mona to surprise her brother.

As they go towards the location Hashim has still no clues whats coming to him, after many minutes has passed together with her mother they revealed their suprise gift to him.

At first Hash thinks its a prank but Ivana answer is for real she added “We decided to buy a land for you”

Hashim Alawi “Its Too Much Miriam”

Hashim emotionally replied “Its too much Miriam. I cant believe it” and he hugs his mother and sister Ivana as an act of gratitude for the love and the gift he receives from both of them.

As of now Ivana and her siblings is doing more vlogs to entertain their viewers and subscribers, she also helps by poor by donating food packs and giving away many prices to share her blessings.

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