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MANILA, jeepney drivers shift to selling vegetables amid crisis.

Dapitan Drivers and Operators Jeepney Association (DADOJA) started trading the vegetables from Sagada last September 2020 from a capital donated amounting to 20,000 php from a private kind hearted invidvidual.

Drivers Selling Vegetables Due To Crisis

According to the drivers they do not have any choice but to sell the vegetable to earn a living to feed their family.

Based of quarantine protocols there are some area in the country that driver of public utility jeepneys (PUJ) are strictly prohibited to go out, paralyzing the mode of transportation in the area especially the place is under enhance and modified community quarantine.

Due to pandemic the country is now facing economical crisis that badly hits the livelihood of the people because of COVID-19.

Meanwhile despite of government efforts to ease the effect on our economy still it is inevitable to think that this will end soon because the vaccine has not formulated yet.

This is a global punch to all nations in the world, but sad to say only rich countries will be given the priority to procure the vaccines but what about the poor ones, that is the reality that is excisting now a days. 

Furthermore World Health Organization estimates that the vaccines will be available next year the people has to survive for 4 months fighting the virus.

WHO formulated a safety measure to fight the disease like frequent hand washing, social distancing, wear face mask and avoid crowded places.

COVID-19 originated from Wuhan China and almost months later the deadly virus spread around the world.

Top nations with many infected still number one on the list is USA, followed by Brazil with almost a million infected.

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