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Wanted Sa Radyo is a public affair show that invistigate and exposes cases of abuse, dishonesty, exploitation and family disputes. Wherein complainants tell Tulfo about their situation and seek assistance to resolve it

The complainant Garry Astrolimo brought the issue in wanted sa radyo program to seek help to resolve the issue within his wife who worked in kuwait

According to Garry he only found out that his wife was cheating on him after he added the alleged Arabian guy in his Facebook Account. The Arabian guy started having a conversation with Garry, in their continues conversation this Arabian guy started to talked proudly about a very sensitive and green topics pertaining to a certain Filipina girl not knowing that the girl she’s talking about was Garry’s wife. At the very beginning Garry did not believe until the time the Arabian guy send a video on him and confirmed it with his own eyes, that was totally his wife

Garry can’t hold his tears while describing to Sir Raffy the details of the issue “Enad ko po yung boyfriend niya at inaksip niya tapos po tumawag siya at pinagyayabang niya na masarap daw yung misis ko, noong una di pa ako naniniwala pero nung pinasa niya na ang video don na ako naniwala”

The issue did not stop there when the wife of Garry charge him with many issues that he committed from the past. First having an affair to her best friend, second having an affair to a bi sexual man, third having a pending rape case and many more

According to Apple, wife of Garry ” before po kasi ako nag abroad marami na po siyang ginawa sakin pati sa pamilya ko, nagpunta ako sa abroad para mag sakripisyo, una po ang ginawa niya sakin ay pumatol siya sa barkada ko, pangalawa pumatol siya sa bakla, pangatlo tinanggap ko siya para maayos yung pamilya namin, pang apat pumunta ako ulit ng kuwait para magsakripisyo at masustintuhan ko ang pangangailangan ng mga anak namin dahil kulang pa yung ibinibigay niya na pera para sa aming pamilya”

Apple never denied that she has really an affair with the Arabian guy. She also added that they never met in person only through video call

Apple also added that her husband had a pending rape case to a 13 year old girl

But Garry added that his wife was not sincerly telling the truth, he was just shifting the issue to charge and accuse me

About the issue of rape case Garry emphasizes that there was really no rape happened, he was just extorted by the family of the 13 year old girl that he allegedly been rape, the family told him secretly that they will stop the case in return for his motorcycle

According to the legal counsel Atty. Garreth Tungol “Ang talo po dito ay yung complainant dahil ang ginawa ni misis ay ginawa niya abroad at doon ding korte isi settle yung case niya however on the side of the complainant lahat na ginawa niyang crime domistically so makakasuhan siya para dun sa mga offenses niya before our prosecutor office, kung totoosin wala siyang makakaso sa niririklamo niya ngayon, ang magagawa niya lang ay mag file for deportation

Atty. Garreth added that the wife can file a case of physical injuries against Garry for transmitting HIV on her during their physical contact which he took from the alleged bisexual guy, but on the issue of having an affair with his friend concubinage case was not applicable because there was no physical contact against the alleged woman, and on the other issue of having an affair with a gay, concubinage case was not also particularly applicable for same sex individual it only applicable with the opposite sex

Wanted sa Radyo decided to settle the both parties just for the purpose and benefit of their children. The both parties agreed to Raffy Tulfo’s decision. And Apple will be deported from kuwait as issued from their agreement. And Raffy added that he will settle all the expenses incurred for the process of deportation of Apple from Kuwait back to the Philippines

And Apple added that she decided to settle the issue for the purpose of her children and not for their marriage

Watch full video below of Wanted sa Radyo tackling about this issue

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