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Viral now in social media is the issue between a 65 year old grandpa engage in a relationship with 20 year old girl.

The reports comes from the program Wanted Sa Radyo “Sumbong At Aksyon” segment hosted by Idol Raffy Tulfo.

Daniel Gomez dubbed as Mang Kanor is allegedly involved in a love affair with Bernadette, as revealed by the complainant the wife of Mr. Gomez.

In the video you can witness the real score of their relationship is allegedly money involved but actually according to Bernadette that is pure love no financial aspect included in their relationship.

Furthermore the 20 year old girl revealed that she had already ended her relationship with Gomez way back 2020 and did not initiate to communicate with him.

Idol Raffy cannot fathom what does Mr. Gomez have why he makes the 20 year old girl in love with him, maybe the looks or preferably money.

Meanwhile many netizens was amazed and shocked wherein they remembered the lurking legend “Mang Kanor” the internet sensation.

This relationship is rampant because psychology says those girls ended in a guy with a large age gap is surely finding a father figure.

This is not new now in the society but as legality is concern as a general rule “Age Does Not Really Matter” provided that your relationship is legal and the girl or boy is not below 18 yrs of age.

What do you think about the issue please send us your thoughts to be heard.

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Wanted Sa Radyo Sumbong At Aksyon

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