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European Medicines Agency (EMA) encouraged the use of steroids e.g. dexamethasone to treats severe COVID-19 patients.

The drug can help patients that rely on ventilators to enable them to breath.

Dexamethasone Drug Vial (Photo Credits to ABS-CBN)

According to studies patients that receives steroid treatment has a greater chance of survival compared to others.

How does steroids work? The drug work as inflammatory drug that eases your lungs inflammation which is the primary effect of the virus that makes the patients starve for oxygen due to difficulty of breathing.

This is a medical breakthrough but doctors reminded that this kind of drug is applicable only to severe COVID-19 cases excluding mild and asymptomatic patients.

Furthermore dexamethansone and hydrocortisole (corticosteroid) medicines reduces the mortality rate of 21 percents over 28 days.

As of now no drugs yet had been found that is more effective compare to this drugs and the World Health Organization advised that every nation must consider stocking for emergency purposes.

The good thing is this drugs is cheap and affordable compared to Remdesivir an anti viral drug its only effect is to reduce your staying time in the hospital but not actually the cure it is more expensive compared to dexamethasone.

Meanwhile no vaccines yet had been discovered but big pharma companies assured that this will be available next year but the problem is this vaccines will be bought in a higher price and only rich countries can procure first.

People around the world is always reminded to maintain a good hand washing habit, social distancing, avoid crowded places and keep your body always to fight against this harmful and deadly pathogens.

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