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Professional DOTA2 Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen is now officially a dad for his daughter Riina.

Topson becomes emotional as well as happy for the greatest gift he receives and becomes inspired more on his craft as a legendary dota2 player and also as a good father for his wife and daughter.

“Topson And Mawar Daugther Riian”

He posted on his instagram account his cute baby with a caption that he will love her so much and forever happy on her arrival on their life together with his wife Mawar.

Meanwhile talked about his preparations on his dota2 career, Topias is now focused on the game learning every update and patch.

The professional dota 2 player also formulated a lesson how to be a good mid laner especially giving tips on how to draft abuse, last hitting and hero counters.

Furthermore he is also busy on his preparation on the upcoming tournaments on every regions, their team latest clash on Team Secret is not easy but they say you can only learn through your failures in life.

It is remembered that together with his OG team they are the only roster that grabbed the back to back TI champions the grandest esports tournament in the history with a big pot on money is involved but also all greatest team around the world compete to win the aegis of the immortal trophy.

TI8 they win against the PSG LGD considered also a power house team and in the latest TI9 win against Team Liquid Kuroky, W33, MindControl, GH, Miracle now team (Nigma).

TI8 and TI9 OG Roster Left To Right (Ceb, Topson, Notail, Jerax, AnA)

Update: OG Roster MidOne (Pos1) Hard Carry, Topson (Pos2) Mid Laner, Ceb (Pos3) Offlaner, Saksa (Pos4) Utility Support, Notail (Pos5) Hard Support. AnA now in hiatus and JerAx officially retired on the dota 2 competitive scene.

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