Watch: Trina Candaza Shows To The Public Her Pregnancy Journey Together With Carlo Aquino

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After Carlo Aquino posted to her instagram account the close up photo of their baby Enola together with his girlfriend Trina. The posted photo created a viral scenario in the social media community as netizens were shock and surprise that Carlo Aquino the well known celebrity was already a father

After a long period of hiding to the public their relationship and Trina’s pregnancy. Atlast Trina Candaza the non-showbiz girl friend of Carlo Aquino was proudly share to the public her pregnancy journey of baby “Enola Mithi” together with Carlo Aquino

In the video Trina documented her full journey of pregnancy together with Carlo Aquino. We can seen the sweetness between the two couples. Trina always took a close up photo of her bigger and bigger tummy. And she also made a documentation of Carlo while driving her going to the hospital for her ultrasound check up. She also documented the time that Carlo play a guiter while singing a song for her and the time that Carlo suprises her during her 24th birthday

There was also a scene that she took a video of Carlo while cleaning their room and preparing a nursery equipment for their upcoming baby

The time that Trina craving for food Carlo was always there to prepare the food that she was craving

All the way of Trina’s pregnancy Carlo was always on her side to take care and support her

In her instagram account Trina express her sincere thanks to all her friends and to all the people that have been part of her pregnancy journey and to her family that gave their full support and most specially to Carlo who taking care, support and love her all the days of her pregnancy

In her instagram post she said “Thank you to all the people who have been part of my pregnancy and respected our privacy. To my friends, thank you for always visiting me, even if I’m 30km away. To my family, thank you for being there. To pem thank you for cooking everything that I crave. And to love thank you for working hard

Watch down below the full video of Trina Candaza Pregnancy Journey together With Carlo Aquino

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