Viral Now: Filipina OFW Uses Her Breast As Pacifier To A Pakistani “Abdul Hali” In Saudi

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Viral now in social media is a case of a Filipina woman used her breast as pacifier to her Pakistani other love in Saudi Arabia.

According to the husband, he woke up around 3 am in the morning and open his wife social media account and he found out that his wife in engage in a carnal relationship with other man, the heartbreaking part is his wife is not regretful for what she done to him and even challenge him to file a case against her and her other lover.

Furthermore the husband added that instead of saying sorry, she laughed at him and underestimating his capacity to sue them because he has no money.

Now he goes to Wanted Sa Radyo and asked help, he narrated his story to Idol Raffy Tulfo the host of the public service program and Tulfo took pity on him and promised help.

The legal officer of the program Atty. Garreth stated that this act is a ground for legal separation but not yet and ground for adultery for some reasons, in addition to that his wife will be deported back to the Philippines.

Atty. Garreth added but they can file a complaint by means of OWWA to Saudi, because there it is a serious offense and they will be penalized.

Idol Raffy Tulfo asked the husband what he really wants, the husband replied he want his wife to be deported and put to jail due to her insult and shame she brought on his family.

Now the program is doing actions to solve the situation and hopefully that husband will get the justice he deserves.

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Wanted Sa Radyo

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