Liza Soberano Files Criminal Complaint Against Rape Remark Done By Telco Employee

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Filipina actress Liza Soberano files a criminal compalint against the telco employee who made a rape remark in the social media community

Liza soberano was accompanied by her manager Ogie Diaz and legal counsel Atty. Jun Lim to the Quezon City Regional Trial Court to file criminal charges against the person responsible for the rape remark

The issue started when the telco employee commented on her facebook account wherein she uses unpleasant and disrespectful words against the actress

“Wala na raw akong trabaho, so I can do anything I want, di bali na raw masira image ko tapos masarap ipa rape”-the actress rephrase the stamenent of the telco employee

The action done by the telco employee made the actress so upset which she said during the interview”That the rape joke shouldn’t be taken lightly. I was really upset, because the fact that it’s a rape joke, it’s not something that should be taken lightly, and the fact that she’s a woman, I would never in a million years do a joke like that”

The actress added “I know that everybody is entitled to their own opinion, that is true, but at some point you have to be respectful to others online. I want people to learn that there are consequences to everything like rape jokes coz that is not a light matters”

The actress legal counsel Atty. Jun Lim also commented about the issue, which he said “Im filling this criminal complaint,we believed that our client, Liza Soberano, merely asserted her right to be treated with respect. She stood up not just for herself but also on behalf of those silent victims of rape jokes and malicious statements perpetrated by few irresponsible members of the social media community”

Atty. Lim added “Ms. Soberano reminds us again that women must be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their status in life

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