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Actor Enrique Gil grieves for the passing of her grandmother in Spain.

In his Instagram post the actor shared a photo with his family and beloved abuelita and shared he is lucky to have the coolest abuelita (grandmother) in the world, he added just like on his age, his grandma is the most funny and had a bright personality as ever.

“I know you’re happy to be together with papa and tita gina watch over us please, till we drink and see each other again hasta luego mi amor.” the Kapamilya actor added.

Enrique Gil (Left) Gils Family Picture With His Abuelita “Grandmother” Photo Credit To Pep.ph

Liza Soberano the girlfriend of the actor send her condolences to Enrique and posted on her social media account saying rest in peace abuelita with GOD, she (grandma) fought long and hard, the actress is sad because she did not see her (grandma) for the last time and promise to take care of Quen.

It is remembered way back 2018, Enrique introduce Liza to his family and for the first time the actress meet the actors family especially Gil grandma, she shared Enrique grandma “sobrang animated” term for happy always.

Lizquen fans also send deepest condolences to their idols and hope these trials would end up soon.

For now Lizquen projects are on hiatus and still remain as Kapamilya ABS-CBN artist despite of networks permanent shutdown.

Furthermore the two is still busy on their live streaming career wherein past few days ago Liza and Enrique are spotted in social media playing mobile legends together with famous streamers.

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