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Inter Agency Task Force (IAFT) opens the well known “Boracay Island” to domestic tourist.

According to IATF due to the fact the Boracay is still COVID-19 free tourist will be safe to visit there but provided they will pass submit the proper documents as per required by the LGU in the area.

IAFT Eases Restriction On Boracay Island

To visit Boracay you must comply the following: health certification from where you belong and negative SWAB test results as a safety protocol, but in relation to local tourist visiting the island wherein they come from COVID-19 hot spot, it is expected that the government will be more strict and implement tight prohibition to ensure the safety.

Meanwhile Boracay island has been on hiatus for a few months due to the pandemic, where government does not allows resorts to open because this place is catering large crowd of people in order to avoid fast spread of the disease.

Furthermore the reason why government opens the island is to give way to the region to open its economic status and to give income opportunity to those employee who lost their job since the islands rehabilitation.

However despite of its opening it is expected that their will be more scope and limitations on the area like wearing face mask, social distancing and round the clock sanitation of the area.

In addition to that the LGU advised the domestic tourist to maintain the health protocols mandated by the Department Of Health to ensure their safety as well as the local natives of the place.

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IATF Allows Domestic Tourist To Visit Boracay Island

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