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In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo, here is the update of the viral issue with regards to a OFW pinay wife engage in a malicious relationship with a Pakistani in Saudi Arabia to be deported back in the Philippines.

As an overview the husband becomes enraged when he found out that his wife in engage in a romantic relationship with her Pakistani co worker, the husband even seen his wife held by the Pakistani and found out a picture that of his wife breast sucked by the Pakistani which makes him more mad and goes to the program to ask the help of Idol Raffy Tulfo.

Oscar Macasampay Jr (Husband) Lordjessa Macasmpay (Wife)

In the program Idol Raffy asked questions to clarify things and interrogate who is the most liable in the situation and later found out that the husband has evidence that his wife is cheating on him.

Now the husband wants his wife to go back to the country and settle their score with other. According to the husband their will be a tradition in the tribe in “Lumad” wherein the elders will justify the sin committed and let the guilty pay for what he or she done.

However in the side of the wife, she pleaded to her husband to continue her work in Saudi and finish her contract to save more for their future, she even stated that she already send money to her husband to buy land and animals as an investment of her hard work, but her husband insist by hook or by crook she must go back here in the country to pay for what she has done to him and to his family.

According to Idol Raffy he will assist and together with OWWA on the expenses she will incurr during her travel back to the Philippines.

Let see how the story goes by watching the full video down below:

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