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BACOLOD CITY, a certain councilor named Em Ang oh her statement regarding to the swarm of people who goes to New Government Center (NGC) regarding to the promised financial assistance of DSSD to jeep and tricycles driver is deemed to be a prank?

In the social media post of a certain netizen he expressed his disappointment towards the Bacolod City administrators statement as a obsolete defense.

A screenshot from the post of a netizen in Facebook

He quoted  “This is lame” Man Up and Rectify. (Urging to admit their fault and come up to a better solution to help those who are badly affected by the crisis.)

According to reports DSSD admits that they were surprised that early in the morning many people gathered up in government center asking for priority numbers to be entitled to receive cash assistance, which so happen that the city administrator released a statement that the cash aid is said to be a prank message.

The problem there is that the sea of people cannot be controlled and what makes netizens enrage is that the official correlates the situation as a prank “joke only”, which creates a bad impact in the social media community.

This is now the reality not to be taken lightly or else the situation will be out of control, according to studies people now are not afraid of the virus what they are afraid of is that they cannot feed their family.

The local government unit needs to open their eyes on the real situation lurking behind wherein all are affected by the crisis especially the tricycle and jeepney drivers who cannot earn a living due to quarantine protocol under MECQ.

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