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Viral now in social media is the statement of a certain polish author named “Monika Wishniewska” which pushes vaccine should be given to politician first.

According to the author “the vaccine should be given to politicians first, if they survive the vaccine is safe. If they don’t the country is safe”.

Polish Author Urges Politician To Try The Vaccine First

The said statement is pointing out to those corrupt and useless politicians who is now taking advantage of the pandemic and not doing their work as a public servant.

Instead treating themselves as very important person “VIP”, excluding those who has the heart inline to the welfare of the people.

As of now the whole world is on crisis and this is the opportunity for ordinary individual to know the true colors of the politician they voted for.

Monika is known as an inspirational author which she also published informative books that help you become optimistic in your life and to be motivated more on your goals.

As the world struggles to cope up on the problem of balancing health and economic sector of the country, we cannot deny the fact that they are opportunity predators that will take advantage of the situation.

For now it is speculated that the vaccine will be available next year 2021, but this is only available to those you have the capacity to buy, that is the heartbreaking truth.

But take heed their is hope always, so don’t not give up the fight is just only starting.

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