VIRAL NOW: Actual Photo Of “Juliet Mercader” The Woman Brutally Killed And Buried In La Carlota City

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Viral now in social media is the news that shocks La Carlota city wherein a woman was found dead brutally murdered and buried in a certain barangay in the city.

According to reports and statements from the eye witness around 8am September 30 in the morning in a certain hacienda in Brgy. San Miguel and field guard named Elmer do his daily ronda job in the area and notice the alignment of the sugar canes is destroy as if many people entered the place.

In the area there were multiple foot prints seen in the vicinity.

Last September 28 around 4pm the guard on duty with the alias Varon does not notice any changes in the area like no foot prints and even dig up sands from the place.

Around 6:30 AM September 29 a certain man named George Bajot passes on the area and notice something unsually a fresh dig sand in the hacienda beside the tall bamboo.

Conclusion September 30 Bajot goes again in the area and due to his curiosity he dug up the pile of mud and sand which latter found out a grave, after digging up almost 1 meter the head of a lifeless woman was found.

Bajot goes to the Barangay official immediately and report what happened and they responded quickly to the crime scene and send a notice to the local police authorities in the area.

After a serious investigation the identity of the woman is revealed, she is Juliet Mercader the wife of a high profile drug lord Jinnefer Mercader.

The evidence in the crime scene like watch and necklace comfit’s own by the victim.

Here are her photos:

Juliet Mercader victim of murder

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