VIRAL NOW: Pia Wurtzbach True Nature Exposed! And Dark Secrets Revealed By Her Sister Sarah

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Former Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach true nature and dark secrets exposed as per revelations of her sister Sarah.

It is remembered that her sister Sarah post on social media throwing dirty allegations towards her (Pia) exposing her true nature and dark secrets.

Pia (Left) And Sarah (Right) Wurtzbach

In the screenshots you can witness the real statements of Sarah stating her sister possess a bad attitude and even involving person that is not part of their rift.

Here are the screenshots:

She even stated that she tries to humble down and remained silent and it turns out she is on the bad side to stay away from the issue, but she cannot hold her temper no more and to clarify things, in addition to give her side of the issue.

On the other hand the former Miss Universe still mum on the issue and promise to give her official statement on their side.

Knowing the personality of the former beauty queen it is likely to take the issue lightly and not try to provoke things to make the issue bigger and bigger.

As a matter of fact Pia is a intelligent on the first place.

The former beauty queen rose to fame when she win the Miss Universe 2015 in a most controversial manner, wherein the host of the competition Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner.

Many were dismayed but the veteran host ask for sincere apology to the fans and to do not hold a grudge against the ladies, as if he takes full responsibility of what happened.

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