LIVE NOW: PAG-ASA Weather Forecast #Update On “Typhoon Rolly” As Of October 30, 2020 (Friday)

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PAG-ASA weather update of Typhoon Rolly as of October 30, 2020 (Friday) is becomes stronger with 240 kilometres per hour near the center with gusty winds of 170 kilometres per hour.

On the previous day PAG-ASA named “Rolly” as severe tropical depression and it becomes stronger and upgraded to Typhoon with much destructive power.

According to PAG-ASA Typhoon Rolly is getting much stronger due to the fact that it is far from the land area and still getting its strength in the warms seas. The warmer the water the stronger the typhoon it produces.

Its location for now is many kilometers away nearing central Luzon.

As you can see in the estimated track of Typhoon Rolly released by PAG-ASA, it will pass largely in Luzon area and also in Bicol Region but do not be confident because there are still scattered rains and destructive wind pressure from the storm.

After two days it is expected to hit in Camarines Provinces, the agency also issued a warning to all the places named people in Central and Southern Luzon to be alert and prepare for the worst-case scenario to come.

It is possible that Typhoon Rolly will pass the mountainous area of Sierra Madre and its strength will be expected to slow down.

Meanwhile all Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will be experience rains due thunderclouds.

Small fishermen are strictly prohibited to go out to sea due to gale warnings released by the PAG-ASA in specific areas only that will be directly affected by the storm.

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