How To Join WOwowin Tutok To Win Shopee Shake Segment: Click Here For The Guidelines

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Wowowin Tutok to Win is one of the promising entertainment variety show aired in the GMA 7 network. The show broadcast from Mondays to Saturdays 5:00 to 6:30 pm, hosted by Willie Revillame

Wowowin Tutok to Win can be watched through GMA7 TV network or via online live-streaming (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)

Shopee shake game is one of the highlighted and awaited segments of Wowowin Tutok to Win wherein if you are the lucky participant winner you can receive a monetary prize amounting to 50, 000 Php

I’m sure all of you are interested to join the Shopee Shake Game

Here are the guidelines on how to join the Shopee Shake Game segment of Wowowin Tutok to Win

Step 1: Download the Shopee App and register your full account

Install the Shopee App
Register your full account

Shopee app can be download or installed using your play store for android phone and app store for apple phone. After downloading the Shopee App make sure to fully register your account like your complete name, phone numeber and etc.. for verification purposes. Note, Shopee Shake Game can be played only using the Shopee App

Step 2: Open the Shopee App and then tap the Shopee Shake Game

Open the Shopee App the tap the Shopee Shake

Reminders: Shopee shake game start at 6:00pm, so set your alam clock earlier than 6:00 for you preparation

Step 3: Wait for the announcement of Wowowin to start the Shopee Shake Game

Willie Revillame the host of the show will announce the start-up of the Shopee Shake Game. As I mentioned in Step 2, the Shopee Shake Game starts at exactly 6:00 pm. So always stay tuned in watching Wowowin Tutok to Win and keep in focus

Step 4: Shake confidently and win 50,000 Php

Shake & Win

The participant in the Shopee Shake Game who has the higher coin points shall receive the awaited monetary cash prize amounting to 50, 000 Php

Please stay tuned in watching Wowowin Tutok to win for Willie Revillame will announce the winner of the game at the end of the session

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