Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: 47 Year Old Carpenter Fall In Love To 11 Year Old Woman

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Here is the latest update of the issue as Raffy Tulfo in Action catered the case of Dany a 47 year old carpenter who fall in love to a 11 year old woman namely Marie

Dany and Marie are only nicknames given by Raffy Tulfo in Action for the reason of hiding their personal identity from the viewers

In an opened up statement of Marie’s mother, she said “Unang una po kapitbahay namin siya, tapos nagpakilala siya na kababayan namin, don po nagsimula na naging close na namin siya”

(At first, he (Dany) was our neighbor and then later he introduces himself as our fellow countrymen and it all begun that my family members are so close to him)

Marie’s mother further added that she did not even notice that her daughter is already engaging in a secret relationship with Dany

In discovering their relationship, Marie’s parent tried everything to separate them but they stopped as they were threatened by their daughter to end her life if she losses her boyfriend, Dany

In the end they let their daughter and Dany to continue their forbidden relationship in fact they even build a house for both of them

Meanwhile Raffy Tulfo asked Dany’s reason why he indulges himself to be in a relationship with a minor woman

He just said that he fall in love with Marie’s kind behavior

As Idol Raffy further dig up the personal background of Dany, he discovered that Dany has a previous relationship with a 16 and 14 year old woman but his relationship end in ruined as the woman split with him and live with another guy       

To further assist the issue, Idol Raffy call out the attention of Dr. Camille Garcia a Psychologist to inquire about Dany’s behavior why he indulges himself to have a relationship with minor woman

To know the full details of Dr. Camille Garcia’s assessment about the case of Dany and Marie’s relationship, you can watch here

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