BREAKING NEWS: Vlogger Zeinab Harake 18 Weeks Pregnant To Rapper “Skusta Clee” Daryl Ruiz

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Breaking news Zeinab Harake pregnant for 18 months and the father is Daryl Ruiz a.k.a “Skusta Clee”.

Zeinab Harake is a famous female vlogger with Skusta is member of all rapper group Ex-Batallion.

Harake in her post she qouted “Sa lahat ng naging masaya at naintindihan ako maraming salamat po, hindi nyo alam pano nyo napawi yung ilang buwan kong iniiyak sobrang saya ng puso ko and excited ako para sa magiging baby namin….goodvibes na lang pangako “Happy birthday to me #18 weeks”


VIRAL NOW: “Pag Mahal Mo Balikan Mo” Rumors Of Zeinab Harake And Skusta Clee In A Relationship Again

(To all who are happy and understand me, Thank you so much, by means of your support it makes me becomes emotional and grateful. She expressed her excitement to her upcoming baby and revealed the rapper is the father of the child).

It is remembered that few days ago Daryl “Skusta” posted on his social media account a picture with him and Zeinab together again.

The reactions of the netizens becomes divided some supports them other find it toxic but what matters most they love each other.

Congrats Zeinab and Skusta.

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