Watch Hilarious Collab “Sosyal Emily In Paris” Inspired Vlog Of Ivana And Mimiyuuh Trending Online

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Watch here is the hilarious collaboration vlog of Ivana Alawi and Mimiyuuhh wherein their content is called social vlog which the two took the challenge to ride on a chopper, walk and fine dining in a certain restaurant in Tagaytay.

Ivana and Mimiyuuh are both social media stars and also two of the most famous Youtube vlogger in this time with almost a million followers and Youtube subscribers.

The content of their video is Emily in Paris inspired an original Netflix series.

Witness there funny moments together will really makes your day more colorful.

They have both a good chemistry with one another knowing these two are both funny in their own ways.

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Ivana And Mimiyuh Collab Vlog

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