Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action Part 2: Forbidden Love Affair of Brgy. Chairman And Kagawad Resulted To Dismissal And Legal Charges Of Concubinage And Child Abuse

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Here is the continuation of the case of Jazel Cabab a pinay oversea worker from Hongkong who file complaint against her husband which she caught of having a love affair with another woman

In Jazel previous statement, she stated that her husband was working as a Barangay Chairman together with his mistress who also working as a Barangay kagawad

She even lambasted her husband and his husband mistress for having no shame as they both working and serving the public as a government officials

She also mentioned that her husband and his mistress are living together right in their own house wherein their minor children are also living

Not only that, she also received report of maltreatment coming from the mouth of her children which was committed by her husband mistress

To assist the aggrieved party, Raffy Tulfo solicit an assessment regarding to legal matter to Atty. Garret Tungol, acting lawyer of Raffy Tulfo in Action program to establish the possible legal charges to file againts the Barangay Chairman and Barangay Kagawad

According to Atty. Garret assessment, the two government officials shall be liable for an administrative case which is punishable for dismissal in their service

With regards to legal charges, Jazel husband (Brgy. Chairman) will be liable for concubinage since he was legally under the oath of marriage while his mistress (Brgy. Kagawad) will be liable for child abuse for maltreating the minor children of Jazel

But Jazel decided to recede the case in filing against her husband as per requested by her children

On the other hand, Jazel will push through in filing a child abuse case against his husband mistress

For more details please watch the full video down below

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