BREAKING NEWS: Police Sergeant Junel Nuezca Mugshot “Your Father Is Now A Murderer”

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In the latest viral news a horrifying murder was conducted by a abusive police officer named Police sergeant Junel Nuezca killed two innocent live a mother and son named Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio.


The video becomes viral which enrage many netizens towards this abusive police officer which happens to be facing administrative and criminal charges but dismissed always which make the people curios.

He is also involved allegedly in drug trade and many connections that why his cases are easily dismissed.

Many netizens really expressed their disgust towards what happened and lambasted the police officer and took sympathy on the acts of Sonya protecting her child.

The #My Father Is A Policeman becomes trending wherein this says that do not mess with my father of else you will face your demise.

This famous quotes is stated by Junel Nuezca daughter which happens to be not affected by his father criminal acts.

Now the table has turned “My father is now a murderer”.

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