Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: 4-Year-Old Child Tied Up Like A Dog By His Grandparents After Left Home & Ask Alms From Neighbors

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Here is the latest update of the issue as Raffy Tulfo in Action program catered the case of a 4-year-old child from Bukidnon who was tied up and treated like an animal by his grandparents after left home and ask alms from neighbors

RTIA program did not disclose any personal identification of the complainant as well as the respondent for security purposes

The issue been brought up by the mother of the child to the RTIA program to file a complaint report against the maltreatment committed by her parents

In a virtual interview, the mother discloses that she left her son in the custody of her parents believing that they will take care the child properly after went to manila to search for job opportunity

And recently she found out through the help of her neighbor by sending the video of her son being maltreated by his own parents, tied up with rope in his body

There intention of tying my son not of restraining its movement but to make sure that it could not go outside and ask alms from our neighbors-mother added

To weigh the situation, Raffy Tulfo immediately call out the attention of the respondent to solicit opinion with regards to the tackled issue

According to the grandmother statements, they tied up the child for the reason of no one will look for the child safety for their home is situated near the the river as well as when they left home and went for work

In hearing the statements, Idol Raffy lambasted the grandparents action for it is not the basis that they will intentionally tied up the child

For more details please watch the full video down below

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