Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Due To Marital Conflict, Wife Engaged In A Relationship With Her Husband Cousin

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All of us are dreaming to have a happy married life, family, and loyal partner to live with but getting into married is not that simple and not a bed of roses either. We cannot force our partner to be loyal to us forever because in the end of the day, we born to make our choices and decisions. Temptations are everywhere and it is always ready to hunt those who are weak in principle

Sad to say, betrayal, disloyalty is the most hurtful scene in life

That is what happened to Jerome Jayin a husband and a father of 2 children who was betrayed by his wife named Dianne Raquel Jayin as it engaged into relationship with his own cousin

According to Jerome, they have been married for almost 3 years and hard for him to accept the fact that his wife been pregnant with his cousin

Everything was revealed, when his cousin sibling made a revelations to him about their hidden affair

On the other hand, Dainne discloses the real reason behind her betrayal which is the physical abuse she experienced from the hands of her own husband

Wherein she also discloses that she found comfort in the presence of her husband cousin which is absent from her husband

One thing for sure, Dianne infidelity is punishable by law for the reason that she is legally married

What will be the the verdict of Raffy Tulfo in Action with regards to this issue. Please watch the full video down below

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