LEAK PHOTOS: Alleged “Chicksboy” Radio Anchorman In Zamboanga Caught Doing Malicious With Younger Woman

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Viral now in social media is the recent issue involving a radio anchorman in Zamboanga city caught doing something lustful with a younger woman.

Video live streaming is now widely used by media personalities as the world is now moving to information age wherein social media is the primary source for fast dissemination of information.

In the video you can witness the [email protected] encounter of the two but the problem is the news anchor failed to turn off the live streaming. A small error could ruin your credibility and career.

The anchorman rushed to the girl wherein he cannot hold anymore his lustful urge but his negligence brought him to his demise.

Meanwhile the radio station where the anchor is working had to yet to issue a statement with regards to the incident.

News media personnel are considered to be respected because they embodied to be the spokesperson of every normal individual, but ironically they are the one doing such bad things except for doing their job with honesty and integrity.

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